Internet Gateway -  G7IDJ-L on Echolink     

About Echolink

I have come across Echolink many years ago but I never used to do anything with it until October 2006. I downloaded the software registered with Echolink and gave it go. I was amazed at the number of contacts I could make in a short time and also at being able to access repeaters worldwide from the comfort of my laptop.

Some HAM friends made the comment of this not being real Amateur Radio. I think it is adding another facette to Amateur Radio and it offers an additional service to enable HAMs worldwide to communicate mobile to mobile reliably.

In November 2006 I applied for a NOV to set up a gateway to cater for the Dearne Valley in South Yorkshire. Since March 2007  the Echolink gateway is up and running on 434.500 MHz. The footprint on the map below is a pretty safe guide but the gateway can be heard and accessed as far as Leeds, Sheffield and Doncaster depending on the altitude and antenna height of the station.


How to use it:

If you live in the Dearne Valley in South Yorkshire you will be able to access the gateway with a handheld, mobile or base station on 434.500MHz providing you have got a DTMF keypad. Unfortunately the NOV states that I have to be on the premises to keep the gateway running. I make a point of turning the gateway on as soon as I am at home which is mostly weekends, evenings and some mornings. To check whether the gateway is available either check on the Internet using the link: or  just key in * on your DTMF keypad and you should get an automated response from the gateway providing it is turned on alternately you may listen out for the gateway ID which is transmitted every 15 minutes.

Then key in the number of the node you wish to access and please listen first to see whether the frequency on the other side of the node is busy and then make a call. To see which nodes are available use the link above. Once you finish using the gateway please do close it down by pressing # before going QRT. By the way to use Echolink through your radio you do not need to register with them.

Should the gateway not be available please check out M1LOU's gateway on 430.050MHz. It is available most of the time and it has an excellent range.

To check out echolink - To register with them you will need to fax or email a scanned copy of your license to echolink to get the go ahead. It is an inconvenience but it is worth it!

Enjoy the gateway and make use of it!

Feel free to email me if you do have any questions !


73 de Michael - G7IDJ




Find below a map of the coverage area. It is possible to get access to the gateway from beyond the indicated area if you have some altitude or some antenna gain.